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Yeah, you stab that eyeball good!

A moving picture show! This is great. Can stuff like this be submitted to the art portal too, I wonder? Be pretty cool possible.

Hehe, the blue dude's head in that last bit was huge! XD Not really a fan of stickmen stuff, but this had a decent environment and wasn't completely two dimensional - so kudos.

Probably didn't need two "press play" stages, but that's not really a complaint about the flash movie.

Really liked the colour transitions and textures. Especially liked the textured background inside silhouettes. Would like it even more if it were longer and the story were a little more thought out or maybe further drawn out.

Nom the Corpse of Thine Enemyyyy

This was really funny. I liked the bit around half way through with the nyan invader flying by in the mid background; that quick fly by and in-and-out audio while they were seemingly oblivious was pretty funny.

I gave this a 9 rather than a full 10 because I think the dialogue/runtime could have been condensed a bit without losing humour, and because towards the end the voices seemed to change. I don't know if this was due to you recording most of the voice audio in one go, then taking a break and not being able to get the same levels or recreate the voices you'd originally come up with; but it kind of threw me and made it hard to concentrate on the animation and jokes for a few seconds - which is something you'll obviously want to avoid.

Great job overall!

Chag responds:

Yeah, there was a reason behind the audio issue... After animating up to that I point I realised the ending needed to be rerecorded and also noticed at that point that my microphone had been on a different setting, hence the ending sounds a bit nicer... However still noticeably different

Pink undiiiiieeees ;D

I don't usually like stuff with stickmen, but this was well done. The movements were fluid and the fight scenes were funny. Hooray!

SinnerGod responds:

Hooray! I'm glad you liked it, it means a lot!
Pink undiiiiieeees , I can tell you are cool. ;)

Very nice.

I Love, I Love! So perfectly morbid... Ahhh. ^_^

Good choice of music too.

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thank you! I've found out over the past couple of months that classical is the best music for me to work with.


The only thing I would maybe change is having the images run through even a fraction of a second each more slowly. I had to watch several times before I could link any names to creators and even understand an image because it ran through so quickly I couldn't see all of it in time.

I like seeing artwork collabs, even in MS Paint - brings on a good sense of community. The music was a good choice. Could you let us know what the song title and artist were, thanks! :D

P.S. Yay for jmalouin7 being a pirate!

DaveCoulierClock responds:


Oh... jeebus..

So.. so awful.

I love it.

TheElSalvador responds:

Glad I got fans out there, take THAT mom and dad! You never appreciated my gift and now look at me! First I'll get my name out there with a turd of the week, then it's just a matter of time before I'm king of the portal and employ my geniously evil plan. What plan you ask? Well it's quite simple really... wait! I know this trick and I won't fall for it. Trying to get me to spill the beans, eh? Haha, to the shark tank with this one, take them away Number 2. What!? No! You shot me Number 2! Number 2 how could you turn on me? I nursed you back to health after I found you abandoned along the river as a baby, I taught you everything about life, love... the business. I see now, you're planning on taking over is that it? If you wanted in all you had to do was ask me, It didn't have to come to this... it didn't hav......uhhnn
but I digress, thanks for your time and your votes!


I really enjoyed that. It was fun to watch and the music was pretty cool. I think the fact that the character and backgrounds weren't very detailed made it all the better as the animation actually ran really well and gestures communicated for the figure in a big way.

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