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CosmicDeath's News

Posted by CosmicDeath - March 7th, 2009

No one likes a douche!

*gasp, shock, horror*

Shocking news, just in:

Posted by CosmicDeath - January 27th, 2009

Got about seven hours to kill before the computer/electronics stores open in the morning. I'm not sure what to do from now until then. I'm posting a picture of a duck I edited in Photoshop. Not sure it is related. Actually - I'm sure it is not related. But people do strange things when stressed and tired. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Original(ish) picture.

7 hours.

Posted by CosmicDeath - January 3rd, 2009

I've been coming back to this drawing for the past week and finally started to make some progress yesterday. This is how it looks at the moment. Not sure whether I'll keep these colours.


Posted by CosmicDeath - December 20th, 2008

... happy irradiated Xmas!

Radiation Bunny wishes you a...

Posted by CosmicDeath - December 2nd, 2008

15 Minutes Sketches - Art forum topic

Alt to the hungreh monster I posted earlier. Chikinz, numnum.

Hungreh Monster

Posted by CosmicDeath - June 12th, 2008

My digital painting of a galaxy. Used in my picture (page 4) for this topic in the Art Forum.

Digital Galaxy

Posted by CosmicDeath - April 26th, 2008

Gah, I haven't had time to do much in the way of painting over the last couple of days. Been sleeping stupid hours. I picked up the phone earlier to ring this dude about a car and only realised as I was keying in the number that it was 1am. I'd only just woken up so I guess I must have still been asleep. Shit, I need to get a job - if only I could sort out my sleeping pattern. *le sigh*

Just about to post this in this art forum topic.

Digital Painting

Posted by CosmicDeath - April 1st, 2008

I seem to go through phases of drawing. The art forum here really helps - I'd been finding it difficult to find inspiration, but latey, just trolling through the "draw your own" topics and anything interestiing with the word "sketch" in it... well, I've just been in the mood to draw.

Ta NG. *all soppy like*

Hot Lips

Posted by CosmicDeath - March 31st, 2008

There once was a beautiful angel - it brought 24-hour supermarkets. And energy drinks. The angel was all happiness and butterflies and fairy type things, but much more holy.

Then, one day, I woke up to a ferocious headache and thought I was dying. The angel appeared before and said: "The first one was free. Now your soul belongs to me."

So fuck if I'm not addicted to caffeine. Damnit. I knew this would happen.

Lesson here... Don't drink angels' piss. Or rely heavily on energy drinks to survive.

Med kit special - Energy drinks

Posted by CosmicDeath - March 23rd, 2008

Unbeknownst to me, this little monster tried to steal POX's artwork ages ago, along with a few other artists. Then, I get hit by the little dirtbag. Somehow, I managed to dodge a (really rubbish) bullet by being lazy.

Here's the IM from earlier:

Gozugoatchef (12:44:32 AM): hi
JoyJemWhatever (12:44:49 AM): Hi, who is this?
Gozugoatchef (12:44:56 AM): i like ur artwork
JoyJemWhatever (12:45:20 AM): Thanks. It seems you have me at a loss. Did you find me through Newgrounds?
Gozugoatchef (12:45:26 AM): yea
JoyJemWhatever (12:45:32 AM): What is your name?
Gozugoatchef (12:45:38 AM): i dont have an account
Gozugoatchef (12:45:46 AM): i just decided to browse it
Gozugoatchef (12:45:52 AM): and i saw a post u made in the art forum
Gozugoatchef (12:45:55 AM): caught my eye
JoyJemWhatever (12:45:57 AM): No worries, I just meant your first name.
Gozugoatchef (12:46:01 AM): oh
Gozugoatchef (12:46:02 AM): Sam
JoyJemWhatever (12:46:08 AM): Hi Sam, I'm Joy.
Gozugoatchef (12:46:14 AM): hi joy
Gozugoatchef (12:46:17 AM): i was wondering
Gozugoatchef (12:46:19 AM): if u do like
Gozugoatchef (12:46:21 AM): requests?
JoyJemWhatever (12:46:33 AM): Like, comissions?
Gozugoatchef (12:46:53 AM): as in
JoyJemWhatever (12:46:53 AM): commissions*
Gozugoatchef (12:47:09 AM): if u could draaw something 4 me?
JoyJemWhatever (12:47:48 AM): Depends what it was that you wanted drawing, and also whether you were likely to pay me for it.
Gozugoatchef (12:48:26 AM): how much money do u have in mind joy?
JoyJemWhatever (12:49:31 AM): Actually, right now probably isn't a good time. As much as I like drawing, I actually need to find a real job at the moment. I've just moved to the area and need to get my arse in gear.
JoyJemWhatever (12:49:43 AM): Where abouts are you based?
JoyJemWhatever (12:49:51 AM): I mean, what state/country.
Gozugoatchef (12:49:51 AM): australia
JoyJemWhatever (12:49:57 AM): Ah.
Gozugoatchef (12:49:59 AM): tasmania,australia
JoyJemWhatever (12:50:24 AM): Can I ask how old you are?
JoyJemWhatever (12:50:36 AM): I don't suppose it is relevant, but I like to know.
Gozugoatchef (12:50:47 AM): 19
Gozugoatchef (12:50:53 AM): i turn 20 this year though
Gozugoatchef (12:51:01 AM): july 8th
JoyJemWhatever (12:51:12 AM): Hehe.
JoyJemWhatever (12:51:21 AM): Sorry, not trying to interview you or anything.
Gozugoatchef (12:51:26 AM): lol its oj
Gozugoatchef (12:51:28 AM): ok*
Gozugoatchef (12:51:50 AM): so yeah, i saw your art work and was wondering if i could have a quick request?
JoyJemWhatever (12:52:17 AM): What kind of quick request?
Gozugoatchef (12:52:26 AM): its gonna sound wierd ><
Gozugoatchef (12:52:31 AM): but anyway,
JoyJemWhatever (12:52:35 AM): >_>
Gozugoatchef (12:52:43 AM): i need a mushroom infected with rabies / anthrax
JoyJemWhatever (12:52:59 AM): Sounds like an album cover.
Gozugoatchef (12:53:06 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (12:53:23 AM): its actually for the backround of my phone
Gozugoatchef (12:53:25 AM): :P
Gozugoatchef (12:53:37 AM): i was imaging its eyes + mouth on the stalk
Gozugoatchef (12:53:51 AM): with no nose and for white throffy stuff to be dripping out of its mouth
JoyJemWhatever (12:54:30 AM): I can see it in my head, seems pretty cool.
Gozugoatchef (12:54:36 AM): yeah
JoyJemWhatever (12:54:41 AM): But, again, I really need to concentrate on getting a job.
JoyJemWhatever (12:54:47 AM): Sorry.
Gozugoatchef (12:54:54 AM): it would only take like an hour no?
JoyJemWhatever (12:55:28 AM): Have you tried drawing it yourself?
Gozugoatchef (12:55:33 AM): yeah
Gozugoatchef (12:55:35 AM): failed miserably
Gozugoatchef (12:55:37 AM): lol.
JoyJemWhatever (12:55:45 AM): Do you have a scanned version?
JoyJemWhatever (12:55:54 AM): Digital version, even.
Gozugoatchef (12:55:58 AM): nope..
Gozugoatchef (12:56:07 AM): i could try drawing it in pain if u wanted?
Gozugoatchef (12:56:18 AM): i only want the image to be like 200x200 in size
Gozugoatchef (12:56:24 AM): paint* sorry
JoyJemWhatever (12:56:36 AM): 200px?
Gozugoatchef (12:56:44 AM): yeah
Gozugoatchef (12:57:02 AM): 200x200 in dimensions
Gozugoatchef (12:57:32 AM): and just to have a faint backround, like a sea of blood
JoyJemWhatever (12:58:17 AM): A sea of blood? Like, as you see it from the shore, or as a liquid wall behind the mushroom?
Gozugoatchef (12:58:38 AM): liquid wall
Gozugoatchef (1:00:38 AM): also any where i can view some more of ur art work?
JoyJemWhatever (1:01:13 AM): I have an outdated website that could go down any moment. http://www.cosmicdeath.co.uk
JoyJemWhatever (1:01:35 AM): Or my deviantart gallery. http://www.cosmicdeath.deviantart.com
JoyJemWhatever (1:01:42 AM): Do you have any work up online?
JoyJemWhatever (1:01:52 AM): Or any profiles/sites?
Gozugoatchef (1:02:28 AM): nah im not good enough to put stuff online
Gozugoatchef (1:04:22 AM): nice stuff you got there
JoyJemWhatever (1:04:38 AM): Thanks.
Gozugoatchef (1:05:45 AM): so whatcha doing now?
JoyJemWhatever (1:06:04 AM): Making my brain work.
JoyJemWhatever (1:06:13 AM): And you?
Gozugoatchef (1:06:17 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (1:06:42 AM): so you wont have any time to start that mushroom?
Gozugoatchef (1:07:06 AM): meh im just playing a game with some mates
JoyJemWhatever (1:07:17 AM): What game are you playing?
Gozugoatchef (1:07:28 AM): Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
JoyJemWhatever (1:07:54 AM): Man, I wish I had a clue.
Gozugoatchef (1:08:00 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (1:08:50 AM): so is there anyway u could do that mushroom?
JoyJemWhatever (1:08:59 AM): >_>
JoyJemWhatever (1:09:25 AM): Wow, pressure.
JoyJemWhatever (1:09:28 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (1:09:30 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (1:09:36 AM): sorry :/
JoyJemWhatever (1:09:44 AM): Erm, I'll think about it, I've opened photoshop and everything.
Gozugoatchef (1:10:07 AM): sweet!
JoyJemWhatever (1:10:25 AM): If I start it and get fed up before anything happens then I shall let you know. If I never get round to it, then... I'm sure you'll survive.
Gozugoatchef (1:10:54 AM): k
Gozugoatchef (1:11:05 AM): so youll probably have it finished in like an hour?
JoyJemWhatever (1:11:21 AM): u_u
JoyJemWhatever (1:11:41 AM): I'm not going to give you any kind of deadline. I don't even know if I'm doing it yet. Jeez.
JoyJemWhatever (1:12:09 AM): It's like, gone 1 in the morning and I'm waiting for my bloke to get home so I can sleep all warm like.
JoyJemWhatever (1:12:23 AM): *shrugs & screams a little*
JoyJemWhatever (1:12:35 AM): What time is it there anyways?
Gozugoatchef (1:13:19 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (1:13:24 AM): 5:13 pm
Gozugoatchef (1:13:30 AM): i was really really hoping u could do it
Gozugoatchef (1:13:35 AM): i tried contacting u yesterday
Gozugoatchef (1:13:40 AM): but i got no reply..
JoyJemWhatever (1:14:11 AM): I saw that someone had attempted some sort of IM that I didn't know, but my 'puter decided it was time to spaz out.
JoyJemWhatever (1:14:22 AM): So I never saw who it was that contacted me.
Gozugoatchef (1:14:38 AM): lol
Gozugoatchef (1:14:39 AM): it was me
Gozugoatchef (1:14:59 AM): :(
Gozugoatchef (1:15:14 AM): i really wanted to get your skills on this so bad ><
JoyJemWhatever (1:15:54 AM): >_> Flattery will get you nowhere hun. My head is set to splodey, anytime soon.
JoyJemWhatever (1:16:09 AM): Anyways, leave me to it, and if I do it, I do it - if I don't, I don't.
Gozugoatchef (1:21:40 AM): if you started now i reckon you could get it done in no time
JoyJemWhatever (1:22:11 AM): *sigh*
JoyJemWhatever (1:22:29 AM): You do realise that you are being kidn of rude, yes?
JoyJemWhatever (1:22:33 AM): kind*
Gozugoatchef (1:22:58 AM): well im sorry im not all posh and polite like the people you artists are used to
JoyJemWhatever (1:23:04 AM): Haha.
JoyJemWhatever (1:23:20 AM): I'm not posh, and I don't know many people that are.
JoyJemWhatever (1:23:28 AM): Polite, however...
Gozugoatchef (1:23:44 AM): its just a 200x200 pic!
Gozugoatchef (1:23:49 AM): please, :D?
JoyJemWhatever (1:24:57 AM): Listen, I'm kind of busy right now and I'm under no obligation to jump to what you're after. If it is 'just a 200x200' pic, then you should be able to find someone who has enough time to do it easily.
Gozugoatchef (1:25:35 AM): do you know someone?
JoyJemWhatever (1:25:44 AM): Why do you need it in such a hurry?
Gozugoatchef (1:26:08 AM): i wanna show it off to my friends
Gozugoatchef (1:26:10 AM): :D
JoyJemWhatever (1:26:27 AM): I have to go. Sorry I can't be of any help.
Gozugoatchef (1:26:35 AM): .......
Gozugoatchef (1:26:43 AM): know any1 online that can
Gozugoatchef (1:26:44 AM):?
JoyJemWhatever (1:27:41 AM): I know a couple of people that could do it, but none that will drop their work.
JoyJemWhatever (1:27:53 AM): As I said, sorry I can't be of any help.
Gozugoatchef (1:28:06 AM): can u tell me one who might do it's screen name
JoyJemWhatever (1:28:10 AM): You can probably do it yourself.
Gozugoatchef (1:28:16 AM): i told u
Gozugoatchef (1:28:18 AM): im a shocking artist
JoyJemWhatever (1:28:32 AM): I don't know any other artists online - well, except one, but he'd never do it.
Gozugoatchef (1:28:40 AM): rly why?
JoyJemWhatever (1:28:45 AM): Too busy.
JoyJemWhatever (1:29:03 AM): Maybe one of your mates can help you out.
Gozugoatchef (1:29:11 AM): ..
Gozugoatchef (1:29:20 AM): u think id be asking u if they could?
Gozugoatchef (1:29:35 AM): come on dont cha think ive tried everything else?
JoyJemWhatever (1:30:04 AM): *gallic shrug*
JoyJemWhatever (1:30:32 AM): Anyways, I have stuff I need to do. It was nice 'meeting' you. Good luck.
Gozugoatchef (1:30:45 AM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 1
Gozugoatchef (1:30:54 AM): what a great help uve been
Gozugoatchef (1:31:00 AM): u pretty much just got up my hopes
Gozugoatchef (1:31:03 AM): then bombed me
JoyJemWhatever (1:31:54 AM): >_<
JoyJemWhatever (1:32:29 AM): It would be so easy to be a dick right now, but I don't like being a jerk.
Gozugoatchef (1:33:00 AM): come on
Gozugoatchef (1:33:02 AM): be a dick
JoyJemWhatever (1:33:07 AM): I don't have the time or inclination to do this, especially since you kept on at me, even after I asked you tro leave me to it.
JoyJemWhatever (1:33:15 AM): And, why would you want me to be a dick to you/
Gozugoatchef (1:33:20 AM): well i actually thought u were doing it
Gozugoatchef (1:33:27 AM): after i told u about the wall of blood
Gozugoatchef (1:33:33 AM): i actually thought u were starting it
Gozugoatchef (1:33:38 AM): so thanks for then BURNING me
JoyJemWhatever (1:34:09 AM): So, what, you are trying to guilt-trip me into doing it for you?
Gozugoatchef (1:34:22 AM): WOULD YOU?
JoyJemWhatever (1:34:32 AM): <_<
JoyJemWhatever (1:34:33 AM): No.
JoyJemWhatever (1:34:53 AM): Also, I wouldn't pester someone after they asked me to leave them to it after I asked them a favour.
Gozugoatchef (1:35:16 AM): wha wa what?
JoyJemWhatever (1:35:28 AM): This is silly. It is a simple picture and I have no doubt that you will find someone that can help you.
JoyJemWhatever (1:35:32 AM): Bye.
Gozugoatchef (1:35:39 AM): fuck you
Gozugoatchef (1:35:39 AM): bitch
JoyJemWhatever (1:35:49 AM): Haha
JoyJemWhatever (1:35:56 AM): Nice.
Gozugoatchef (1:36:00 AM): thanks
Gozugoatchef (1:36:06 AM): hope u die in a ditch tomorrow
Gozugoatchef (1:36:08 AM): cya later
Gozugoatchef signed off at 1:36:13 AM.

<_> Wow, think I'll finally get round to having my tubes tied after that little fiasco.

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