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CosmicDeath's News

Posted by CosmicDeath - April 4th, 2011

Think I might get in a fight with a door today. I'm feelin MEAN! GRRrrrrRR >:D

Posted by CosmicDeath - March 18th, 2011

demon_hunt...: hey
cosmicdeath: hi
demon_hunter52: how r u
cosmicdeath: fine, and yourself
cosmicdeath: are you on NG?
demon_hunter52: yah im da one with no cam
cosmicdeath: helpful
demon_hunter52: im gud
cosmicdeath: i can see you're in here, are you on newgrounds?
demon_hunter52: not right now but i am here in a min
demon_hunter52: where u go
cosmicdeath: had to get off cam to hide my massive erection. obviously
demon_hunter52: i m on newgrounds now
cosmicdeath: oh goodie
demon_hunter52: where u at on there
cosmicdeath: cosmicdeath.newgrounds.com
cosmicdeath: are you demonhunter52?
cosmicdeath: you've done.. literally nothing with your account since you opened it..
demon_hunter52: wat u mean
cosmicdeath: haha
demon_hunter52: u get pm
demon_hunter52: u get my pm
cosmicdeath: haha yes
demon_hunter52: u write one back
cosmicdeath: no
cosmicdeath: why woudl i, we're talking in here..
demon_hunter52: true
demon_hunter52: ur female right
cosmicdeath: HAHA
cosmicdeath: no.
cosmicdeath: No. my cock is hard and ready to go, though.
demon_hunter52: ur a dude
cosmicdeath: AND MORE.
demon_hunter52: wat u mean and more
cosmicdeath: do you live somewhere where people read as a punishment?
demon_hunter52: no
demon_hunter52: y
cosmicdeath: seriously?

Posted by CosmicDeath - March 14th, 2011

As far back as I can remember, they've scared the crap outta me. I can't help it. I kind of freak out internally and just worry "what if-". What if a whole bunch of stupid fuckin shit. You're prollies thinking the first worry would be something along the lines of, "What if it's a real gun in disguise?" Uh uh - nope. No, it is far stupider than that. And I'm not gonna admit it here. I'm just gonna allude to it and let your wonderful brains work out the rest.

Same goes for hand gestures that look like guns. You know - where you point your index finger out, or like.. your index and middle finger pointing out and your thumb cocked back (hah.. cocked) - BUT SERIOUSLY. I do that sometimes. *pew pew* But I always aim just to the side, so if it accidentally.. somehow.. went off, I wouldn't kill my friend/neighbour/boss/WHOEVER. I'd thank you to do the same.

Posted by CosmicDeath - February 24th, 2011

*half hearted news post*


Posted by CosmicDeath - August 20th, 2010

Good? Bad? Vomitous?


Posted by CosmicDeath - May 8th, 2010

Rushing down moldy coffee and sour milk +1 cigarette.

Time to change my routine?

Posted by CosmicDeath - April 8th, 2010

But my foot was caught. I could feel the train coming, it was already grinding over me in my mind. I looked back quickly, but I couldn't see around the bend, all I could do was feel and hear it approach at some unknown speed.

Oh god. Oh fucking god. I can't die like this. I can't die like this. Alone. In fear. My family can't find me like this. I'm not ready. Oh god... I screeched in frustration - teeth bared and tears beginning to stream down my face.

My foot was wedged between two planks and something sharp has snagged my flesh - what was really holding me as I yanked my leg as hard as I could was some unseen grasp around my ankle. If I weren't so scared of the train coming I would be screaming in pain. I pushed in and immediately wrenched at my leg, feeling it snap, accompanied by a sickening wet, cracking sound. I fell back in shock and it took seconds to realise I'd felt a bone shard tear through skin as I'd fallen. I just breathed in and felt a wave of nausea pass through me and suddenly I was heaving and vomiting onto the track next to my ruined ankle. I couldn't see it since my jean leg had fallen back down over it, but I could see blood seeping through the denim. I was shaking and couldn't tell how much was from the vibrations of the train coming, and how much from the chaotic panic inside my body and mind in that moment.

I sat there, not numb, but suddenly aware that I had to make a sacrifice. I looked down at my leg and started sobbing violently. I heard the train, closer than ever and suddenly, five-hundred yards away, it reared it's ugly head as it powered towards me. Hoarse keening ripped through my throat and I pushed as far back from the track as I could, stretching myself as far from the track as possible.

Staring at my leg, I said goodbye, praying I wouldn't get dragged under the train or caught on something as it passed...or...pass out and die of blood loss. I pulled my jean leg as far up as I could and closed my eyes. I knew the train was there, just there, on top of me, almost...I screamed as loud as I could but couldn't hear over the horn and engine.

Hyperventilating, I closed my eyes and stretched as hard as I could, pulling down and away, knowing that my foot was definitely gone, but that I so desperately wanted to live - I had to. I clenched my jaw and every muscle in my body was tensed for that instant of incredible pain I expected. My eyes tightly shut and stinging with sweat and tears, I felt a split second of white hot pain and then...nothing...

Posted by CosmicDeath - February 23rd, 2010

just wanted to put something else on my page after the last news post... too drained to think of anything right now, though.. will edit tomorrow or something.

Posted by CosmicDeath - January 28th, 2010

My head twists back and snaps in place on my spindly neck. I glare at the ceiling and fail to comprehend this vile yakking of rough wheezing as my own speech as my atrophied limbs begin to flail.


The unintelligible words are garbled and choked out along with globules of saliva and a perfectly intact shrimp.


The kicking and swiveling of my chair leave me falling slowly and unceremoniously to the floor in a twitching pile of fail. I lay there, panting like a dying dog, staring at the view that I'd fallen into place to see. The corner of the room is close, and dark. Light from my precious 22" monitor cascades only so far and from the depths of the shadows a creature begins to emerge.

My shrieks are instant and unyielding in intensity - static shocks run along my scalp and fingertips and shudders break up my otherwise petrified state.


The withered claw-like hands scrape along the floor and a rasp of a voice croaks out... whatever it is saying is lost as the sounds turn into high pitched whistles and I scream and try in vain to cover my ears before my eardrums burst with the growing pressure and squealing echoing and building in the room.

The sound becomes so thick and over-layered I start to shake and my chest heaves - I feel my lungs start to balloon out too wide. I can't breathe - I can't stop breathing in but i can't get any air. Everything is spinning and the creature creeps closer. Time skips in second gaps and the hideous beast is leaning over my face, blocking out the light from the NG stickam chatroom on screen.

What's left of my vision suddenly blossoms, red flowers spreading and tinting this grotesque head snapping it's teeth at me with a predatory grin.

My ears give out with an incredibly sharp pop. I can no longer hear the whistling rasps, and I feel warm liquid drip down my earlobes and along my cheek and neck. I can't tear my eyes away from the shredded eyelids of the face hovering inches over my face now. There are eyes in there, cataract blind and oozing puss. Disease bubbles inside those eyes.

Those putrid eyes squint and tepid droplets splash the back of my throat as I scream soundlessly. Vomit instantly fills my throat and I convulse into life as I jump out of my chair and throw up all over my keyboard.

I stand there, speechless, staring dumbly at the monitor as chat rolls happily along online.

"Back", I type in acid and bile soaked key strokes.

Posted by CosmicDeath - December 24th, 2009

#####EDIT: Jmalouin7 was here#####

The delicious dumpster juices ran down his body as he dragged himself out of the pile of garbage bags he'd been using as a makeshift hooker pad.

Blood and spooge dribbled from between his legs and onto the asphalt as he stumbled toward the ham beast that had attacked him.

"You son of a bitch! You've ruined my lovely lady-bits", he grumbled.

The ham beast's pendulous nethers swung back and forth as he began to do a touch-down victory dance; the prostitute wrenched open the little baggie of precious syrup he'd been paid with and began slathering it all over his meth-wrinkled features.